Microsoft Office 365

This course helps you in learning office productivity tools that are part and parcel of modern work environment.

Instructor: Faizan Haider
Last updated Thu, 09-Jun-2022
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Course overview

Course Description

This course helps you in learning office productivity tools that are part and parcel of modern work environment. It will provide hands on training in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet and Email applications. These applications fit in all types of the modern working environment. Though, this course is designed for beginners, but it is also useful for people who have basic computer knowledge. It aims at raising and improving the users’ knowledge and competency of computer usage. If you are a person who wishes to explore the world of computing or someone willing to learn computer basics, then this module is for you.


On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded participation certificate from DigiPAKISTAN. Also prepare for International Exam.

Duration & Frequency

Total Duration of the course is 3 months

What will i learn?

  • Learn the essential and advanced Microsoft Office Skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook installed on your machine.
Curriculum for this course
Microsoft Office 365
  • Introduction
Introduction to MS Office
  • MS Office Intro Part - I
  • MS Office Intro Part - II
MS Excel Introduction
  • Excel Structure
  • Duplicate, Reference & Absolute Cell
  • Formatting Part 1
  • Formatting Part 2
  • Naming Cells
  • Copy & Paste
  • Worksheet Name & Change Color
MS Formulae (Maths & Logical)
  • Intro to Formula
  • Simple Formula (Count,Sum,Average)
  • IF Condition
  • AND, NOT, OR Formula
MS Excel (Lookup & Reference)
  • Introduction to Lookups
  • V Lookup
  • Match
  • Index and Hyperlink
MS Excel (Text & Date Formula)
  • Intro to Text Formua (part 1)
  • Intro to Text Formula (part 2)
  • Text Formula Practice (part 1)
  • Text Formula Practice (part 2)
  • Text Formula Practice (part 3)
  • Practice Application of Text Formula
  • Date Concept
  • Datedif
  • Date Scenarios
MS Excel (Conditional Formatting and Charts)
  • Conditional Formatting Part I
  • Conditional Formatting Part II
MS Excel (Pivot Table)
  • MS Excel Chart Intro
  • MS Excel (Pivot Table)
  • MS Excel Overview
  • MS Excel Pivot Overview
  • MS Excel Graphs Tips
  • MS Graphs Practice
  • Data Validation
MS Word Introduction
  • MS Word Intro
MS Word (Part II)
  • MS Word Resume Tips
  • CV Writing Tips
  • MS Word Resume Writing
MS Word (Part III)
  • MS Word Mail Merge
MS Teams
  • MS Teams Intro
MS Powerpoint (Networking)
  • MS Powerpoint Networking
MS Powerpoint
  • MS Powerpoint Intro
  • MS Powerpoint Tips
  • MS Powerpoint Designing Slides Part 1
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