Full Stack Web Development

Learn By Doing - build 25 websites and real world apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, MySQL and a lot more.

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Course overview

 Designed for you—no matter where you are in your coding journey—this next-generation web developer course is overflowing with fresh content. This is the most thorough, laser-focused and up-to-date coding course. What else makes the course different? It’ll take you from beginner to expert in just 6 months. 

Here’s what you get with Full Stack Web Development course:

You’ll get access to twelve chapters that dig deep into the nitty gritty of building successful websites. Each chapter is supported with practical website challenges. All at your fingertips. Right now:

  • The course starts with the fundamentals. We’ll show you insider tips to work quickly and efficiently with web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Python.

  • Once you’ve got that locked down, We’ll show you how to build your own responsive websites using more advanced techniques such as JQuery PHP 7, MySQL 5 and Twitter Bootstrap.

  • By then you’ll be developing blogs and eCommerce sites with Wordpress, and learn smart ways to add dynamic content, using APls to connect to sites such as Google Maps and Facebook.

  • As we all know, the best way to learn is to do, so you’ll complete fun website challenges at every turn. Plus, as you fly through the course, you’ll use your skills to put a site together as you go. The final challenge is a full Twitter clone. Then in the Second Quarter, you ll learn Complete PHP Laravel backened. 

Over 12 chapters you will learn:

  • How does the web work?

  • Setting up your (free) hosting

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • jQuery

  • CMSs and WordPress

  • Responsive Design

  • PHP Coding

  • MySQL Databases

  • PHP 

  • Laravel Framework

Never waste another minute! Get started today and join hundreds of students, many of whom have changed careers, created second incomes or added critical new skills to their tool kits.

Sign up at ehunar.org today and revolutionize your learning. Effortlessly embed the fundamentals. Refresh your groundwork. Dig deeper than ever. Start building powerful apps and cash-earning websites today—and enjoy bigger, brighter opportunities.

Ready to open new doors and become a smart, in-demand web developer? With Full Stack Web Development course everything’s ready to go, in one convenient, mapped-out platform. ANYONE can benefit from taking this course, whether it’s earning some extra money or changing your career altogether.

What will i learn?

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • No pre-knowledge is required - enthusiasm is all you need!
  • A PC or Mac is required
  • No software is required in advance of the course (all software used in the course is free)
Curriculum for this course
  • Your First website
  • The Structure Of A Webpage
  • Creating A Full Webpage
  • Header Tags
  • Paragraph Tags
  • Formatting Text
  • Unordered Lists
  • Ordered Lists
  • Images
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Links
  • HTML Entities
  • IFrames
  • Putting It All Together
  • Resource
  • What Is CSS
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • Classes And IDs
  • Divs
  • Colors
  • Floating
  • Positioning
  • Margins
  • Padding
  • Borders
  • Fonts
  • Aligning Text
  • Styling Links
  • CSS Project BBC News Website 1
  • CSS Project BBC News Website 2
  • CSS Project BBC News Website 3
  • CSS Project BBC News Website 4
  • External CSS
  • Resource
  • What Is JavaScript
  • Internal Javascript
  • Accessing Elements
  • Responding To A Click
  • Changing Website Content
  • Manipulating Styles With Javascript
  • Mini Challenge Disappearing Circles
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • If Statements
  • JavaScript Game How Many Fingers
  • Loops
  • While Loops
  • Functions
  • JavaScript Project Reaction Tester
  • External JavaScript
  • Resource
  • What Is jQuery
  • Using jQuery In Your Webpages
  • Detecting A Click
  • Changing Website Content
  • Changing Website Styles
  • Fading Content
  • Animating Content
  • AJAX
  • Regular Expressions
  • Mini Project Form Validation
  • Introducing jQuery UI
  • Draggables & Resizable
  • Droppables
  • Accordian & Sortables
  • jQuery Project Code Player
  • jQuery Project Code Player Part 2
  • Resource
Bootstrap 4
  • Introduction To Bootstrap 4 Section 1
  • Your First Bootstrap Site 1
  • The Grid System 1
  • Introducing Navbars 1
  • Forms & Tables 1
  • Bootstrap Components 1
  • Modals, Popovers & Tooltips 1
  • ScrollSpy 1
  • Project App Landing Page 1
  • Resource
  • What Is WordPress
  • The Wordpress Dashboard
  • Creating An Ecommerce Site
  • WordPress Themes
  • More About WordPress Themes
  • Resource
  • Hello World With PHP
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • If Statements
  • For And For Each Loops
  • While Loops
  • POST Variables
  • Sending An Email With PHP
  • Mini Project A Contact Form
  • Getting Contents Of Other Scripts
  • Project Weather Scraper
  • Resources
  • Introduction To MySQL
  • Connecting To A Database
  • Retrieving Data From A Database
  • Inserting And Updating Data
  • Looping Through Data
  • Session Variables
  • Cookies
  • Storing Passwords Securely
  • Project Secret Diary 1
  • Project Secret Diary 2
  • Resources
PHP Laravel | Introduction
  • What is PHP
  • Setup Your PC Laptop For Working
  • Create PHP File With Sample Code
  • PHP Is Case Sensitive Or Not
  • Commenting in PHP
  • Rules of Variables
  • Scope of Variable
  • Global and Local Variable
  • Concatenation
  • Data Types
  • Operator
PHP | Conditional Statements
  • Conditional Statements
  • If Statement
  • If Else Statement
  • If elseif else Statement
  • Switch Statement
  • Types of Loops In PHP
  • While Loop
  • Do While Loop
  • For Loop
  • Foreach Loop
PHP | Arrays
  • What is Array
  • Index Array
  • Loop Through Index Array
  • Associative Array
  • Associative Array Through Foreach Loop
PHP | Functions
  • Functions
Laravel | Set Up Environment
  • Define Environment
  • Convert Your Machine Into Server
  • Installing Editor
  • Setup Git Bash
  • Composer
Access Database
  • Access Database
Lets Start Play with Laravel
  • What is Laravel
  • Installing Laravel
  • Laravel Directory
Routing in Laravel
  • Routes
  • What is Controller and Basic Controller
  • Control View By Controllers
  • Passing Parameter To Controller Function
  • Resource Controller
  • User Define Function In Resource Controller
  • What is Views
  • Passing Values to View
  • Access External Resources
  • Using Bootstrap By CDN in Laravel
  • Bootstrap dependencies
  • Master Template
  • Link Pages in Laravel
  • Images
Laravel Migration
  • What is Migration
  • Migration Information
  • Connection With Database
  • Migration
  • User Migration
  • Refresh Migration
  • Migration More Terms
  • Update Migration
Query Builder
  • Query Builder Create
  • Query Builder Read
  • Query BuilderUpdate
  • Query Builder Delete
Eloquent ORM
  • Introduction to Eloquent ORM and Model
  • Eloquent ORM Create
  • Insert Form Data Eloquent
  • Read Data
  • Eloquent Search With Conditions Part 1
  • Pagination
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