Flutter Apps (Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps)

Deep dive Into Programming Basics with Dart. You'll learn to build Web / Mobile / Desktop Apps from Scratch with Flutter

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Course overview

Join the most comprehensive Flutter course and learn how to build amazing iOS and Android apps!

Flutter - a framework developed by Google - allows you to learn one language (Dart) and build beautiful native mobile apps in no time. Flutter is a SDK providing the tooling to compile Dart code into native code and it also gives you a rich set of pre-built and pre-styled UI elements (so called widgets) which you can use to compose your user interfaces.

Flutter is extremely trending and gets used for major Google apps like their Adwords app - it's now marked as "ready for production", hence now is the time to jump in and learn it!

This course will teach Flutter & Dart from scratch, NO prior knowledge of either of the two is required! And you certainly don't need any Android or iOS development experience since the whole idea behind Flutter is to only learn one language.

You'll learn Flutter not only in theory but we'll build a complete, realistic app throughout this course. This app will feature both all the core basics as well as advanced features like using Google Maps, the device camera, adding animations and more!

With Flutter, you'll be able to write code only once and ship your apps both to the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Use Google's Material Design to build beautiful, yet fully customizable, apps in no time with almost zero effort. You can use the rich widget suite Flutter provides to add common UI elements like buttons, switches, forms, toolbars, lists and more - or you simply build your own widgets - Flutter makes that a breeze, too.

This course is for you if ...

  • You're interested in building real native mobile apps for the two most popular mobile platforms - iOS and Android

  • You want to explore the full set of features Flutter offers

  • Don't want to spend hours learning two completely different languages

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and experienced developers who are interested in diving into mobile app development using one language for both platforms

  • Experienced iOS or Android developers who want to build cross-platform (iOS + Android) apps with one single programming language

What will i learn?

  • How to Install / Setup Flutter Environment & Emulators
  • Learn Programming Basics in Dart
  • Learn Flutter Basics : Go through 100 Common Flutter Widgets including Google's Flutter Widgets of the week
  • Learn to make beautiful Mobile and Web App User Interface with Flutter
  • Learn Firebase Theory : Go through all of the Firebase Products in detail along with their pricing models
  • Firebase Firestore : Learn how to structure data in the Cloud with Firebase Firestore and build serverless apps
  • Firebase Realtime Database : Learn to structure data in the JSON format for syncing real time data
  • Firebase Cloud Functions : Learn to develop functions to execute directly on the cloud.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging : Learn to setup Firebase Cloud Messaging to send and receive push messages between the server and your devices
  • Firebase Storage : Learn how to push files from your device to the storage on the cloud and retrieve them on the go.
  • Firebase Security Rules : Learn how to protect your data from malicious activities and preying eyes by building a layer of security on the cloud
  • Firebase Authentication : Learn how to handle User logins / registers
  • Write Logic to connect in app with a user and add as friend
  • Write logic to track Last In-App Action & Online/Offline Receipts
  • xLearn to Collect Device Battery information / Device Specs / Mobile State Info
  • Learn to Access Images from the device
  • Learn to Compress File size & Hashing / Uploading to Firebase Storage
  • Learn to make a fully functional Gallery App
  • Learn to write logic to add Like/Comment functionality in Gallery app
  • Learn to develop end to end Realtime Chat Messaging Feature
  • Write logic share files to other users
  • Learn to create & add Lottie Animations to your projects
  • Make a Playlist App
  • Learn how to retrieve YouTube Video data into your App
  • Learn to use a video player in your app
  • Make a Location Sharing App
  • Learn to handle allow / Restrict device Permissions from the device
  • Learn to Integrate Google Maps
  • Write Logic to share Live / Pin-Point Location
  • Learn to Make a To-do List App
  • Learn to handle CRUD Operations for the Todo List App
  • Learn to Make a Diary App
  • Learn to Make a Horoscope App
  • Learn how to retrieve data from a third-party service
  • Develop an emergency App
  • Learn to send Automated SMS / Calls to Specific number
  • Learn to develop functionality to directly copy text to Clipboard
  • Learn to whitelist your app from power manager to prevent it from killing your app
  • Learn to retain your app in the background
  • Access / Modify Launcher Options to change display Icon
  • Learn Phone number Integration / Validation
  • Learn to Manipulate Device Volume Controls
  • Learn to Access Date & Color Pickers
  • Learn Routes / Transitions between Screens
  • Learn to develop a Responsive design for devices of all shapes and sizes
  • Learn Caching / File paths & Data Persistence
  • Learn to protect your code from being reverse engineered by using Code Obfuscation
  • Learn to Integrate Ads into your app Through Google Adword Integration
  • Learn to Add In-app Purchases
  • Learn to make your app store ready
  • For Absolute Beginners
  • For People developing apps in Java/Kotlin or Swift
  • For People who want to learn Web, Mobile and Desktop App Development
  • Anyone who wants to start with programming and wants to build High-End Production Ready Mobile , Desktop and Web Apps
Curriculum for this course
Flutter 3.0 with Dart and Firebase Things to Cover
  • Course Topics
Getting Started with Flutter
  • Downloading and Configuring Flutter
  • Configuring Android Studio
  • Visual Studio and VS Code Installation
Introduction to Dart
  • Flutter 3.0 and Dart
  • Dart - Intro to Dartpad
  • Dart - Datatypes
  • Dart - Operators
  • Dart - Variables
  • Dart - Conditionals
  • Dart - Loops
  • Dart - Arrays
  • Dart - Maps
  • Dart - Functions
  • Dart - Null Security
  • Dart - Final versus Const
  • Dart - Classes And Objects
Introduction to Flutter 3.0
  • Flutter App Structure
  • Flutter Create new project
  • Flutter Scaffold Widget
  • Flutter Container Widget
  • Flutter Column Widget
  • Flutter Row Widget
Tyamo App - Setting up the project
  • Setting up a New Flutter Project Tyamo
Tyamo App - User Auth Module (UI)
  • Module Overview
  • Login Screen
  • Registration Screen
  • Forgot Your Password Screen
  • Profile Setup Screen
  • Add Friend & Received Invitation Screen
  • Send & Received Invite Actions
  • Screen Navigation
  • Navigation Animation
  • Implementing Responsiveness
Tyamo App - Dashboard Module (UI)
  • Homepage Widget
  • Tyamo Implementing Drawer Functionality
  • Dashboard Screen
  • My Profile Screen
  • Edit Profile Details Settings
Tyamo App - Device Information Module (UI)
  • Device Information Menu Screen
  • User Status Screen Last In App Action Tracking & Online Offline Status
  • Battery Screen Collect Display & Share Battery Information
  • General Screen Screen State System Volume Ringer Mode Connectivity info
  • Location Screen Location Information
  • Device Specs Screen Device Specification Information
Tyamo App - Gallery Module (UI)
  • Gallery Main Screen
  • Pictures Gallery Screen
  • Gallery Post Screen
  • New Post Screen
  • Gallery Finalization
Fizzux - A Personal Portfolio Resume Web App
  • Setting up a new Flutter Project 1
  • Making Widgets Reusable 1
  • Building the Animated Cursor 1
  • Building the Middle Section I
  • Building the Middle Section II
  • Building Collapsible Container
  • Coding Shapes and Animation
  • Creating and Animating the Circle Grid
  • Animating the background
  • Click Functionality for Animated Tabs
  • Building About Me Component
  • Building Resume Component
  • Building Portfolio Component
  • Building Services & Blog Component
  • Building Testimonial Component
Tyamo App - Setting up for Firebase Integration
  • Introduction to Firebase
  • Configuring Tyamo in Firebase
  • Building Foundation
  • User Model Controller And Authentication
  • Adding User Data to Cloud Firestore
  • Functionality to Sign In & Sign Out User
Tyamo App - Developing Root Functionality
  • Creating a Splash Screen
  • The Provider Package
  • Building the root functionality
  • Backend for Profile Setup Screen
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