AWS Developer Associate

This AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA-C01) examination is intended for individuals who perform a developer role.

Instructor: FAIZA KHALID
Last updated Thu, 09-Jun-2022
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Course overview

Course Description

This AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA-C01) examination is intended for individuals who perform a developer role.

It validates an examinee’s ability to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of core AWS services, uses, and basic AWS architecture best practices.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS.

Who this course is for?

  • You want to start your cloud journey with AWS
  • You want to become AWS Certified Developer Associate
  • You have some programming experience and you want to start your cloud journey with an AWS Certification


On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded participation certificate from DigiPAKISTAN. 

Duration & Frequency

Total Duration of the course is 3 months

What will i learn?

  • THE ULTIMATE EXAM PREP: We’ll teach you everything you need to know to pass your AWS Developer Associate exam first time AND master the cloud in the real world
  • With our practical exercises, you'll learn how to architect and build applications on Amazon Web Services
  • These fast-paced slide lectures are perfect for quick revision of the most important facts before you sit your exam
  • Get familiar with the real AWS exam format, style and difficulty with this practice exam that is timed and scored
  • No need for previous AWS cloud experience as we'll teach you the foundations of Amazon Web Services
  • Basic IT knowledge is recommended
  • A free-tier AWS account is recommended to follow along with the practice labs - we’ll show you step by step how to create one
Curriculum for this course
  • AWS Developer Introduction
  • AWS RoadMap Part I
  • Certification RoadMap Part II
  • Cloud Computing Basics (I)
  • Cloud Computing Basics (II)
Management & Governance
  • Elastic Beanstack I
  • Elastic Beanstack II
  • ElasticBeanStalk Lab Part 1
  • ElasticBeanStalk Lab Part 2
  • CFT Theory Part 1
  • CFT Theory Part 2
Application & Integration
  • AWS SNS Theory
  • SNS lab
  • AWS SQS Part 1
  • AWS SQS Part 2
  • SQS Lab
  • Configure SNS Topic with subscribers
  • Configure Fanning out with SQS & SNS
  • Configure your 1st Lambda Function
  • Configure event bridge with Lambda trigger
  • Add trigger from Lambda service
  • Lambda trigger overview
  • Create & configure your 1st DynamoDB table
  • Working with DynamoDB table
  • Restore DynamoDB table
Developer Tools
  • CI/CD part 1
  • CI/CD Part 2
  • CICD LAB Part 1
  • CICD LAB Part 2
  • CICD LAB Part 3
  • CICD LAB Part 4
  • CICD LAB Part 5
  • CICD LAB Part 6
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About instructor


Enterpreneur, CEO LOOP & BIZCO INC in UK, Freelancer Digital Marketer & Ecommerce Expert

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Faiza Khalid is a serial Entrepreneur and Much Passionate to do something Productive for our Youth. She is a Successful Freelancer, Digital Marketer & Ecommerce Expert. She won the Wonder of Women Award 2021 in the Field of eCommerce based on her Seven Figures Revenue data on an eCommerce business.

She is running her two companies, one is Social Enterprise (LOOP), the Second one is BIZKO INC a Growth & Marketing Agency Based in UK and Pakistan. She is an Award-winning eCommerce Expert.

She is CEO/Founder of LOOP (Leadership & Object-Oriented Programs), LOOP is Nonprofit Organization working for Youth Development in Pakistan. LOOP has created the transformative services ecosystem for the co-creation of digital entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

She is the Founder, Director & CEO of BIZKO INC LTD. BIZKO is a Growth Marketing agency based in London, UK, and Lahore, Pakistan. BIZKO is a well-known name in the services-based industry related to Amazon Marketing and Launching, Branding, Ecommerce development & sales optimization.

She is the Head of Marketing in ISoft Studios (A multi-National Company dealing in Digital Solutions based in USA, UK & Pakistan) and Leading the Growth Department. She is the VC & Project Manager of Growth & Digital Marketing at ISoft Studio.

She Has 10 years of Experience in Entrepreneurial Development. She trained more than 5000 Young Professionals, entrepreneurs, and students.

She is not only Experienced in her field but also has professional Education in Entrepreneurship from LUMS, Certification in Leadership & team-building from American University. Different professional Certifications in Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking with 10 years of field experience.

She loves to teach and help others to change their life. Her vision is to train the youth to think out of the box and explore the ocean to dive with multiple opportunities. She is working for digital transformation in business and education. She is the founder of an ecosystem for women by the name of “Empower women Global”. This platform is working for women’s economic empowerment. She is the Founder of an ecosystem for Pakistani Manufacturers and eCommerce Sellers. Her vision is to help the economy by working on the Export growth of Pakistan (Mentioned in the eCommerce policy 2019. She is working for eCommerce growth and development in Pakistan as per the agenda of the eCommerce policies (Published in 2019) of Pakistan.

  • Verified Certificate
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Career Development