Amazon FBA Business

Learn how to sell on Amazon FBA. Find, launch and scale your own private label brands without touching inventory. Amazon FBA offers a great opportunity to start your part-time / freelance business or do a full time eCommerce business using Amazon platform.

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Course overview

Course Description

Amazon FBA offers a great opportunity to start your part-time / freelance business or do a full time eCommerce business using Amazon platform

Amazon is one of the largest E-Commerce stores across the globe. Amazon has a huge network. And as big of a platform Amazon is, the potential of the marketplace on Amazon is three times bigger than any other eCommerce platforms. You will be shocked at how many people want to purchase your product. It surely is mind blowing.

FBA is a business model that Amazon offers, which really is a game-changer for online businesses. Through the FBA program you send your product inventory in bulk to an Amazon warehouse and when a customer purchases your product, Amazon packs up the product and sends it to the respective customers.

When you are selling products via FBA you do not have to fulfill individual orders, manage returns, or deal with customer service on issues regarding deliveries. You can send in hundreds or thousands of items to Amazon warehouse at the same time instead of running to the post office every day to ship your orders.

Out of the top 10,000 sellers on Amazon, 66% of them use FBA. If you enroll in the FBA program, you can systematize order fulfillment by taking advantage of Amazon’s advanced delivery and fulfillment services and earn more sales from Amazon’s coveted Prime customers.

Who this Course is for?

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to create a stable online eCommerce business selling real physical products under own brand name.
  • Beginner or advanced Amazon sellers who want to expand their current business to private label product
  • Bloggers, vloggers and other influencers who want to monetize current audience and followers with a private label brand
  • International entrepreneurs who want to sell in the United States and Canada from anywhere in the world
  • Manufacturers who want to cut out the middle-man and sell their products directly on Amazon
  • Anyone who wants to start an online business from home


On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded participation certificate from DigiPAKISTAN. 

Duration & Frequency

Total Duration of the course is 3 months

What will i learn?

  • Proven and tested ways to launch, sell and expand private label products
  • Spot a profitable product opportunity in growing market with strong demand
  • Sell in the United Stated and Canada no matter where you live in the world
  • Open a US checking account without travelling to the US or having a US company
  • Get paid by Amazon no matter where you live in the world
  • Find reliable suppliers overseas
  • Import products cost effectively to the United States
  • Best way to import products if you are not from the United States
  • CHECKLIST: What to ask suppliers
  • CHECKLIST: Due diligence - how to spot fraud suppliers
  • How to properly label your products and send to Amazon FBA warehouses
  • How to optimize Amazon product listings like big brands
  • Strategy for launching and continually marketing your brand, on and off Amazon
  • Increase social proof of your product listing and get 100% legitimate verified reviews
  • How to drive external sales and ultimately increase keyword rankings on Amazon
  • How to avoid getting your seller account suspended
  • And much more!
  • No prior technology knowledge is needed, just basic ability to use internet and email.
Curriculum for this course
  • Course Overview
Company Formation and Account Creation
  • Training Modules Description
  • Company Formation Part1
  • Company Formation Part 2
Product Research
  • Pre Product Research Information
  • Product Hunting in Full Store Directory
  • Product Hunting Criteria in other Marketplaces
  • Product Analysis Through FBA Toolkit
  • Use of Alibaba for Product Research
  • Use of AliExpress for Product Research
  • What is Private Labeling ?
  • What is FBA?
  • Different Methods for Product Research
  • Dig in to potential Niche or Category
  • Cocreation of the Product
  • Deep Analysis on Helium 10
  • Dig Into The Category In VL
  • Barriers To Entry - Market Intelligence
  • How To Calculate The Costs And Revenue
  • Patent Check For Your Product
  • How to use Alibaba to find high margin products and reliable suppliers
  • Suppliers shortlisting & Trade Assurance
  • Air Shipping Regulations
  • In case of Sea Shipment
  • Branding & Custom Duties
  • Labeling & Preparation for Amazon FBA
  • Shipment Plan & generate prepaid shipping for inbound shipment
Listing Your Product
  • Product Listing Don'ts and Keyword Research
  • Accurate Sales Copy of Product Listing
  • Product Listing
  • Keyword Indexing for Listing Optimization
Launching Your Product
  • Launching Strategies for Your Product
  • How to get your First Review
  • How to get better reviews on Amazon
A: Amazon PPC
  • Introduction To PPC & Sponsored Products
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