Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid (SI)

Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid (SI)


Punjab Higher Education Commission (HEC Punjab)

Assalam O Alaikum!

Its privilege for me to announce a new program DigiPAKISTAN launched to train youth of Pakistan in Information Technology Skills Development, to support the government initiative in capacity building, in increasing the competencies of our graduates, particularly online education and providing them the skills which are very important to enhance the capabilities for further employment. DigiPakistan initiative is doing quite well and I am sure that the programs, short courses, lectures, webinars and other modules of training would be very useful for the youth of our country.

We have to see that how we can create opportunities at Government level and at private sector level to enhance the employment opportunities. This is one of the big, I would say, policy requirements of the government that how we can increase employment opportunities not only within the country but also outside Pakistan. We are living in a world which is changing very fast, now with the digital platform and e-Learning, smart learning and from that perspective, online education with the recent pandemic situation has facilitated and allowed us to create new opportunities for the education technology and provide them the facilities so that we can create different platforms for the students, for the graduates so that they can improve their skills.

We all know that in the modern time, knowledge is very important, but at the same time skills and attitude is also very critical and we have to see that our curriculum, our programs, our degree programs should have that element and this is where we are trying to focus at different level in Punjab Higher Education Commission (HEC Punjab) and in Pakistan Engineering Council to create opportunities for our Institutions and also provide training to our teachers so that their professional competency is up to the mark to impart quality education within the country and I'm sure that this DigiPAKISTAN will be another important initiative which will create opportunities for the youth of our country.

DigiPAKISTAN is providing our youth an opportunity of sharing the experience and providing a platform where resource persons from different sectors of life economy, education, health, manufacturing, engineering, technology, science can impart their knowledge and experience. We have to see that how we can create this opportunity so that we can learn, we can create a learning environment for the students and for the graduates of our country.